World Cup

The World Cup contested annually between bowlers from national bowls organisations, at Warilla Bowls and Recreations Club in NSW.

Australia’s two competitors earn the right to compete in the World Cup by virtue of winning the previous year’s Australian Indoor Championships; other member nations either select their representatives or use other events and trials.

The inaugural event (2005) was held in Hong Kong; since then the venue has been Warilla, New South Wales.

The World Cup is played indoors, while the World Youth Cup (for players aged under 25) is usually played outdoors.

World Cup winners

2005  Grace Chu (HKG)  Mark Casey (AUS)
2006  Shirley Choy (CAN)  Neil Speirs (SCO)
2007  Judy Nardella (AUS)  Kelvin Kerkow (AUS)
2008  Alison Merrien (GGY)  Safuan Said (MAS)
2009  Jo Edwards (NZL)  Leif Selby (AUS)
2010  Jo Edwards (NZL)  Leif Selby (AUS)
2011  Jo Edwards (NZL)  James Talbot (IRE)
2012  Alison Merrien (GGY)  Jeremy Henry (AUS)
2013  Jo Edwards (NZL)  Jeremy Henry (AUS)
2014  Caroline Brown (SCO)  Jeremy Henry (AUS)
2015  Siti Zalina Ahmad (MAS)  Iain McLean (SCO)
2016  Carmen Anderson (NFK)  Jeremy Henry (AUS)
2017  Jo Edwards (NZL)  Jeremy Henry (AUS)
2018  Lucy Beere (GGY)  Jeremy Henry (<AUS)