Jackaroos snare opening Irish test

by Aidan Davis

Australia has claimed the spoils of the opening test against Ireland overnight, launching the start of their 14-day UK Tour.

The BCiB Australian Jackaroos bested Ireland with seven victories across ten men’s and women’s singles contests during the opening test at England’s Leamington Spa, the venue for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.

The green and gold contingent’s vision-impaired open pairs and bowlers with a disability pairs teams also enjoyed victories, against local English opposition.

Having eased into the lengthy campaign with a sole evening session of singles, the squad will now embark on a full day of clashes encompassing all disciplines to decide the fate of the second test, followed by a further two rounds of action on Thursday to determine the third test.

Full results from the opening test, and the selected team line-ups for the second test can be found below.

Click here to view the full UK Tour itinerary.

Tuesday, July 9 – Leamington Spa
6.00pm (3.00am Wednesday, July 10 AEST)

Women’s singles:
Chloe Stewart def Paula Montgomery 21-8
Sam Shannahan def Ashleigh Rainey 21-9
Natasha Scott def Megan Duncan 21-19
Kelsey Cottrell def Shana O’Neill 21-13
Karen Murphy lost to Catherine Beattie 16-21

Men’s singles:
Ben Twist def Ian McClure 21-18
Ray Pearse def Jack Moffat 21-7
Aaron Wilson def Stephen 21-18
Aaron Teys lost to Stuart Bennett 9-21
Corey Wedlock lost to Martin McHugh 18-21

Test 1 outcome: Australia def Ireland 14 points to 6

VI Pairs:
Lynne Seymour & Jake Fehlberg def England’s Mac Oildon & Steve Ireland 12-11

AWD Pairs:
Barry Brennan & Chris Flavel def England’s Bill Claridge & Jerry Hore 17 -7
Tony Bonnell & Josh Barry def England’s Dawn Horne & Janice White 21 -9

Schedule and team’s for Test 2:
Rnd 1 – Wednesday, July 10 – Leamington Spa
10.00am (7.00pm AEST)
VI Mixed Pairs: Lynne Seymour (Bob Seymour) & Jake Fehlberg (Grant Fehlberg)
AWD Triples: Anthony Bonnell, Barry Brennan & Joshua Barry
Women’s Pairs: Chloe Stewart & Kelsey Cottrell
Women’s Triples: Samantha Shannahan, Karen Murphy & Natasha Scott
Men’s Pairs: Corey Wedlock & Aaron Teys
Men’s Triples: Ray Pearse, Ben Twist & Aaron Wilson

Rnd 2 – 1.15pm (10.15pm AEST)
VI Mixed Pairs: Lynne Seymour (Bob Seymour) & Jake Fehlberg (Grant Fehlberg)
AWD Triples: Joshua Barry, Chris Flavel & Barry Brennan
Women’s Singles: Chloe Stewart
Women’s Fours: Samantha Shannahan, Karen Murphy, Kelsey Cottrell & Natasha Scott
Men’s Singles: Ben Twist
Men’s Fours: Ray Pearse, Corey Wedlock, Aaron Teys & Aaron Wilson

Rnd 3 – 4.00pm (1.00am Thursday, July 11 AEST)
VI Mixed Pairs: Lynne Seymour (Bob Seymour) & Jake Fehlberg (Grant Fehlberg)
AWD Triples: Barry Brennan, Anthony Bonnell & Chris Flavel
Women’s Pairs: Samantha Shannahan & Karen Murphy
Women’s Triples: Kelsey Cottrell, Natasha Scott & Chloe Stewart
Men’s Pairs: Aaron Teys & Ben Twist
Men’s Triples: Corey Wedlock, Ray Pearse & Aaron Wilson