Latest National Rankings Update for February released

by Val Febbo

The Victorian dominance in both the men’s and women’s categories of the National Player Rankings has continued following the latest update from February.

Sunbury Bowling Club’s Carla Krizanic has maintained her hold of the number one spot in the women’s rankings, while Thor Shannon also remained at the pinnacle of the men’s mountain.

However, the top five in both categories have boasted changes. Queensland young gun and former number one Kane Nelson jumping to second from fourth on the men’s side, with Western Australian Blake Nairn leaping to third and BPL Cup winning skip Craig Mills into equal fifth.

In the women’s rankings, Kristina Krstic has leapfrogged Chloe Stewart to claim second spot, with fellow BCiB Jackaroos Natasha Van Eldik and Dawn Hayman making their way into the quintet.

See below for the latest National Player Rankings, as of February 28, 2021.

Top-ranked players by state (Men):

ACT:      Robert Craven (overall ranking – 46=)
NSW:    Gary Kelly (overall ranking – 14)
NT:        Trystan Smallacombe (overall ranking – 18)
QLD:      Kane Nelson (overall ranking – 2)
SA:         Craig Mills (overall ranking – 5=)
TAS:      Mark Nitz (overall ranking – 13)
VIC:       Thor Shannon (overall ranking – 1)
WA:       Blake Nairn (overall ranking – 3)
OS (SCO): Kevin Anderson (overall ranking – 5=)

Top-ranked players by state (Women):

ACT:      Chloe Morrison (overall ranking – 18)
NSW:    Natasha Van Eldik (overall ranking – 3=)
NT:        Colleen Orr (overall ranking – 23)
QLD:      Chloe Stewart (overall ranking – 3=)
SA:         Kate Argent-Bowden (overall ranking – 26=)
TAS:      Rebecca Van Asch (overall ranking – 11)
VIC:       Carla Krizanic (overall ranking – 1)
WA:       Kristina Krstic (overall ranking – 2)
OS (NZ): Katelyn Inch (overall ranking – 7)

Overall Player Rankings (Men):

1: Thor Shannon (VIC): 174pts
2: Kane Nelson (QLD): 156
3: Blake Nairn (WA): 148
4: Jacob Nelson (QLD): 147
5=: Craig Mills (SA): 140
5=: Kevin Anderson (OS – SCO): 140

Overall Player Rankings (Women):

1: Carla Krizanic (VIC): 174 pts
2: Kristina Krstic (WA): 156
3=: Chloe Stewart (QLD): 147
3=: Natasha Van Eldik (NSW): 147
5: Dawn Hayman (NSW): 144

The National Rankings System operates on a yearly rolling-points system, where all points accrued are retained for a 12-month period and are then discounted. Players can accrue ranking points from all national events, State Championships, State Champion of Champion and selected club events. For any rankings or event registration queries, please contact