Teams fight to keep BPL Cup hopes alive at Moama

by Lachlan Williams

The final stages of the 2020 BPL Cup commenced at the Moama Bowling Club on Monday, with the national finalists hitting their green to keep their cup hopes alive.

With only 12 of 16 finalists able to make it Moama for the finals, the competition was fierce.

High scores were aplenty during the first two rounds of sectional play, with teams hitting double digit scores six times across the first day.

Soldiers Point, Ocean Grove and Broadbeach were the pick of the bunch from the first two matches, with one game left for teams to make their move and stay in the hunt.

Running alongside #BPL12, the BPL Cup provides an opportunity for club-based teams to progress through various qualification rounds to the National Finals.

The 2020 BPL Cup Final will be broadcast live on Fox Sports, Kayo and Sky Sports NZ from 2pm on Thursday, February 25.


Section 1:

Round 1 –

Soldiers Point def West Lakes (6-2, 5-8, 1-0)

Grenfell def by Darwin (4-4, 7-9)

Round 2 –

Soldiers Point def Grenfell (15-4, 4-6, 1-0)

Darwin def by West Lakes (3-2, 1-6, 0-2)

Section 2:

Round 1 –

Port City def by Ocean Grove (4-4, 3-6)

Kings Meadows def by East Shepparton (6-14, 2-5)

Round 2 –

Port City def by Kings Meadows (7-8, 3-7)

East Shepparton def by Ocean Grove (0-9, 7-4, 0-3)

Section 3:

Round 1 –

Goulburn Railway def by Henley (3-5, 1-10)

Broadbeach def Vermont South (6-1, 6-5)

Round 2 –

Goulburn Railway def by Broadbeach (3-10, 11-10, 0-1)

Vermont South def Henley (5-4, 5-2)

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2020 BPL Cup National Finalists