Unassailable lead secures Irish Series

by Aidan Davis

The BCiB Australian Jackaroos have notched up a second test victory against Ireland in the early stages of the UK Tour overnight.

As a result, the Jackaroos have reached an unassailable lead in the best-of-three test series, despite a further two rounds remaining to round out the final test.

“Whilst the 2-0 test series looks dominant, the gallant Irish contingent were just as competitive in a day which provided quality matches in all disciplines at the venue for the 2022 Commonwealth Games, Royal Leamington Spa,” National Coach Steve Glasson said.

Notably, Aaron Wilson notched up his 100th test for Australia, while Barry Brennan made his international debut in the bowlers with a disability triples discipline.

The Jackaroos will contest the third test later tonight Australian time, before beginning a three-day test against Scotland, also staged at Leamington Spa.

Overall standing after two tests:
Women: Australia 9 Points (+ 25 shots) v Ireland 3 Points (- 25 shots)
Men: Australia 6 Points (- 1 shot) v Ireland 6 Points (+ 1 shot)
Overall: Australia 15 Points (+ 24 Shots) v Ireland 9 Points (- 24 Shots)

Results from Test Two:
Australia v Ireland
Session 1
Women’s Pairs: Chloe Stewart/Kelsey Cottrell lost to Shauna O’Neil/Catherine Beattie 11-20
Women’s Triples: Sam Shannahan/Karen Murphy/Natasha Scott def Ashleigh Rainey/Megan Devlin/Paula Montgomery 19-14
Men’s Pairs: Corey Wedlock/Aaron Teys lost to Jack Moffatt/Stephen Kirkwood 21-25
Men’s Triples: Ray Pearse/Ben Twist/Aaron Wilson tied Stuart Bennett/Ian McClure/Marty McHugh 13-13
Vision-impaired Pairs: Lynne Seymour/Jake Fehlberg def England 10-20
Bowlers with a disability Triples: Tony Bonnell/Barry Brennan/Josh Barry 18-13

Session 2
Women’s Singles: Chloe Stewart def Catherine Beattie 21-10
Women’s Fours: Sam Shannahan/Karen Murphy/Kesley Cottrell/Natasha Scott def Ashleigh Rainey/Megan Devlin/Paula Montgomery/Shauna O’Neil 14-10
Men’s Singles: Ben Twist lost to Stephen Kirkwood 7-21
Men’s Fours: Ray Pearse/Corey Wedlock/Aaron Teys/Aaron Wilson def Jack Moffatt/Stuart Bennett/MartinMcHugh/Ian McClure 18-7
Vision-impaired Pairs: Lynne Seymour/Jake Fehlberg lost to England 12-15
Bowlers with a disability Triples: Josh/Barry/Chris Flavel/Barry Brennan tied England 15-15

Session 3
Women’s Pairs: Sam Shannahan/Karen Murphy tied Ashleigh Rainey/Paula Montgomery 17-17
Women’s Triples : Kelsey Cottrell/Natasha Scott/Chloe Stewart def Megan Devlin/Catherine Beattie/Shauna O’Neil 24-10
Men’s Pairs: Aaron Teys/Ben Twist tied Martin McHugh/Jake Moffatt 18-18
Men’s Triples: Corey Wedlock/Ray Pearse/Aaron Wilson def Ian McClure/Stuart Bennett/Stephen Kirkwood 20-14
Bowlers with a disability Pairs: Josh Barry/Jake Fehlberg def England 20-6
Bowlers with a disability Triples: Barry Brennan/Tony Bonnell/Chris Flavel def England 16-14