NOTE: The contents of this Coaching page is in the process of being updated.

Introductory & Club Coach

Philosophy & Background

Bowls Australia is committed to ensuring our reaccreditation requirements for coaching are clear for all current and potential coaches. We have designed a system in combination with our state and territory associations, which provide the necessary development for our coaches, but removes unnecessary hurdles to completing the process.

Advanced Coach

Philosophy & Background

Bowls Australia is committed to ensuring that high level of standards are maintained at the Advanced Coach level. Therefore all Advanced Coaches must complete the reaccreditation process every four years.

The reaccreditation process was designed in conjunction with the National Coaching Advisory Group, High Performance staff and other sports Education Managers. The process is simple but will also challenge coaches to reflect on their practices, engage in problem-solving and ultimately grow. 

The re-accreditation process is designed to:

• Allow the coach to reflect on their coaching philosophy and identify how it has changed since completing the course four years ago. 
• Allow the coach to show what developments they have made to their coaching program, their communication style and coaching practices over the last four years.
• Act as a trigger to ensure the Advanced Coach continues to coach with all facets of coaching in mind, including nutrition, psychology, biomechanics and skill acquisition.
• Provide an opportunity for the coach to receive feedback from people within their coaching program to identify areas of strength and areas of development.

Why do coaches need to re-accredit?

• To ensure that coaches are still operating to the high level of standard which is expected from an Advanced Coach.
• To highlight what knowledge and skills the coach may need to update.
• So coaches meet the requirements of the National Coach Accreditation Scheme.
• Once coaches are reaccredited as an Advanced Coach, coaches will also have access to the Advanced Coach Forum on BA’s E-Learning Hub. Here you can access material from other courses, connect with other Advanced Coaches and share drills or experiences.
• Advanced Coaches will also have the opportunity to attend Australian Jackaroos Squad Camps.

How do coaches re-accredit?

Coaches will need to read and complete the below material, as well as eight assessment tasks via the Bowls Australia e-Learning Hub.